Carr Hall

Kool Planet has been involved with the development of Carr Hall from the early planning stages in August 2009.

Our remit was to design and install an energy efficient heating and air conditioning system to heat the building to 22 degrees centigrade in the depths of winter with outside tempertures of -5 degrees centigrade and maintain a comfortable 21 degrees centigrade in summer months. Also we were to design and engineer cold stores to service the restaurants and farm shop facilities.

The building has a floor plan of 1365 metres squared with a first floor consisting of a further 847.5 metres squared.

The equipment that we selected for this project was Toshiba air source heat pumps. The total heating capacity for the building was 365 kilowatts. The air source heat pumps have the lastest inverter driven machines, giving you the energy you require when you require it. The energy rating of each machine is A/A and selected from the ECA list with a COP 3.85 air source heat pumps are an energy efficient way to heat any building.

Ground floor has three well furnished retail areas, all with individual controls for customer comfort.

The first floor has two restaurants catering for large numbers of covers in the a la carte restaurant with self service restaurant for everyday use with stunning views over the Ribble Valley.

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